Tables are a quick way to build out reports comparing many metrics across multiple time periods, like a profit and loss statement or balance sheet.

Tables in Malartu also have many visualization capabilities:

  • Table: This is a standard view, simply displaying numbers like you would see on a spreadsheet
  • Bar: This will display all metrics in your table on a bar chart for quick visual comparisons
  • Line: This will display all metrics in your table on a line graph for quick visual comparisons
  • Stacked: This will display your metrics on either a stacked bar or stacked line chart. Stacked charts will aggregate all metrics for each time period. This can be helpful for visualization something like a sales pipeline or how various revenue channels make up total revenue.
  • Mixed: From any bar or line table configuration you can mix various chart types by toggling any metric you would like to either a line or bar chart. Do this by toggling the char type under the "Metrics" list from your table options menu.
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