User-defined metrics allow you to expand any current integration we have, configure zaps from 750+ connected Zapier applications, or send virtually any data from any data source to Malartu via our API. 

Enriching current integrations

When we integrate new programs on Malartu, we connect the most obvious endpoints for most of our customers. In some cases, you might want to analyze something specific from one of those programs by using user-defined metrics. To do this:

1. Add the user-defined metric through the single-metrics interface. This will provide a new endpoint to map in the integration's custom mapping interface. 

2. In the integration's custom mapping interface, add the user-defined metric and match the endpoints. Click save and you're setup. 

Using user-defined metrics with Zapier

For a complete guide on how to use Zapier with Malartu, visit this Zapier article. 

Analyze any data source using user-defined metrics and the Malartu API

Similar to how you enrich current integrations, you can add new metrics to the Malartu system by first setting a user-defined metric in the single metrics interface (see above).

Then, access the Malartu API docs to connect your data source and point it toward your new user-defined metric. Once this data is connected you can blend it with other integrated sources or other user-defined metrics. The possibilities are endless. 

Learn more about the Malartu API.

Questions about leveraging user-defined metrics?

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