Chart options are accessed by choosing a dashboard or report and clicking:

Edit (small pencil in top right) > orange pencil in top right of any chart

Chart options allow you to change a number of things about a chart and metric. Standard plans can adjust the following options:

  • Title of chart
  • Type of chart: Bar, Line, Number, and Dial  (more coming soon)
  • Display increments: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually, TTM
  • Display Period: This week, last week, month-to-date, last month, year-to-date, or a custom time period.

Advanced plans can adjust every option in the standard plan in addition to:

  • Display actual vs budget
  • Display present period vs prior period (ie. if Jan 2018 is displaying, the VS Prior option will compare it to Jan 2017, if Week 2 is displaying, it will compare to Week 1, and so on)

You will also notice the chart status at the top of your Chart Options says one of two things:

  • Good Connection: Your integration is active and the metric is calculating correctly
  • No Connection: You do not have the required integration to calculate this metric (choose "view sources" for recommended apps) or the data is not calculating correctly. Reach out to us for help troubleshooting a No Connection status. We're here to help
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