Table options are accessed by choosing a dashboard or report and clicking:

Edit (small pencil in top right) > orange pencil in top right of any table

Table options allow you to change a number of things about a chart and metric:

  • Title: The title of your table
  • Table Type: Bar, Line, Stacked, Table, Mixed
  • Display Increments: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually, TTM
  • Display Period: This week, last week, month-to-date, last month, year-to-date, or a custom time period.
  • Metrics: Choose any metric to compare on a table

To mix chart types on a table:

  • Under each metric listed in Table Options you should see a toggle for either line or bar graph. Click either option to change that metric to the corresponding type.

To reorder metrics in a table: drag and drop the metrics listed in Table Options and that change will be reflected on the table.

To aggregate metrics on a table: Change your table type to "table" and an option to "Show Table Totals" will appear below the date period. Toggle this on and a new row will appear called "Total" that will be an aggregate of each column.

Tables are very flexible and allow you to layer different metrics on one graph or build reports like funnel reports by stacking metrics from the same integration (Salesforce, for example). 

For help with tables, start a chat in the lower right corner of this app or send us an email at

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