Our document reader can save you a tremendous amount of time transcribing PDF and image data tables into workable CSVs or uploading documents to Malartu for analysis. 

Sometimes the document reader may return a blank result or a result that is inaccurate. While submitting this document to our team is the best/easiest option for you to have the tool calibrated, here are a few issues to consider for best results:

Make sure there is a clear date corresponding to the data set
For example, dates like "04/12/18" or "Q4 2018" will work fine, but a non-specific date like "2018" will not because the reader cannot discern between this date and a data point within your table (ie. if you had $2018 in an account). 

Data is not in a column or row
We have designed the reader to work best with data tables, so if you're trying to transcribe data that is not structured like it would be in a spreadsheet, we will need to take a deeper look to get it right.

If there are multiple data sets within data range
If you have a data table that is comparing multiple date ranges, you may experience an bug (feature in some cases) where the reader only returns the first date range. In this case, submit your document and we can setup a custom mapping solution to extract the necessary ranges in future uploads.

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