From any dashboard, toggle your left-side menu and click integrations. 

From the integrations page, scroll down to find the Excel integration.

Using the Reader, upload your document to Malartu. Once uploaded you should see a prompt to confirm that the reader has correctly parsed the data in your document, correlating both the metric name and date corresponding to that data set.

If the data is incorrect, submit the document to the Malartu team and we will train the reader to better understand this document. The Malartu document reader is based on Machine Learning technology, so with each upload and training submission it improves. 

If the reader correctly parsed and organized your data, move to the next step: Mapping. 

In the left column you see the name of the metric found in your document. The center column is where you will map the correct name of the metric that will be referenced within the Malartu system.

Malartu automatically makes its best guess for the correct metric in the center column. To adjust this metric or add a user-defined metric, click any metric in the center column. 

If any of the metrics in the document you uploaded are forecasts, pro-forma, or budgets, check the box titled "budget" in the right column. 

Once all metrics are mapped, click "Accept Data" and your schema will be updated with the newly uploaded data.

The configuration for this document will also be saved, so next time you upload the mapping should be correct.

For questions on Malartu's document reader, contact us at or start a chat in the lower right corner.

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