Dashboards are the central hub for your teams and an excellent way to organize by different team functions. This flexibility allows you to serve only the information each team member is concerned with so that you don't inundate them with unnecessary metrics and analysis. 

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Multiple Dashboards: This allows you to create different dashboards for different teams.
  • Set permissions per dashboard: By clicking Edit (pencil icon) > Permissions (team icon) you can toggle admin, read, write, and none permissions for each of your team members, on each dashboard. Check out this article for more on Team Permissions.
  • TV Mode: Click the TV icon in the top right corner of any dashboard to toggle TV Mode on. In this mode, you can change the view setting from normal to inverse (optimized for viewing on a TV) and bring the dashboard full screen. 
  • Add Metrics: Click the "Add Metrics" button to add a single metric, smart metric, custom metric, or table to your dashboard. Check out Building Metrics for more on each of these. 
  • Chart Options: Once you've added a metric, you can adjust the look and feel of the chart by clicking any of the orange pencil icons on any chart. This will toggle a menu to your right where you can adjust various options. 
  • Smart Integration: If you're seeing sample data (greyed out data) in a chart, click chart options > View Sources to see which integrations you might integrate in order to activate this metric. 
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