As soon as you join Malartu, you will have access to our entire platform. On Malartu you can quickly analyze your business, visualize your performance data, and make data-driven decisions. We help you to understand the KPIs that drive your business then share those insights through reports to your team and stakeholders. 

What you get with the Malartu Platform

  • Real time analysis of your data through KPI calculations
  • Simple, powerful dashboards
  • Investor connections for in-depth sharing of data
  • Shareable reports between team members and stakeholders

Step 1: Integrate your Tools

Configure each of our available integrations. This will allow us to draw data from those sources for our calculations

Step 2: Create a Dashboard
Most teams will have templates for multiple groups. For example, you can have one template for your management team, one for your marketing team, one for your dev team, one for your investors, and one for prospective investors. 

Step 3: Invite Team Members

What good is a report without collaboration? Invite people to follow each publication of your template (a report) so that they can gain insight into your business's performance. 

Step 4: Analyze

Once you've amassed a reasonable amount of data (one week or a month), it's time to check your template and define strategy to improve your chosen KPIs. Insert text snippets below each KPI to communicate your analysis to the template's followers.

What's Next?

Rinse and repeat. Over time, you will gain a deep understanding of your business, your team will all be on the same page, and you will begin making more informed, strategic decisions. 

Get started. 

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