In order to work magic like benchmarking and consolidation, we must first identify and organize the various data points that flow through from data sources or reports in a uniform way throughout your business network. We accomplish this by assigning a unique identifier to each data point we map. We call these identifiers Malartu UIDs.

Why does this matter?
To maintain flexibility on our platform while providing in-depth analysis provided by Malartu UIDs, we allow users to custom map new endpoints called "User-Defined Metrics." In many cases, we require these user-defined metrics to have a Malartu UID. No need to worry about this extra step, it's only there so that our system understands what is being passed through and can adjust accordingly. 

What purpose do UIDs serve?
The core of the Malartu platform is analyzing data from various sources and sharing that analysis with the people most important to your business. To enable the ability to consolidate and benchmark data throughout the platform, we use UIDs to establish a uniform name for each data point in our system. 

UIDs provide the opportunity for benchmarking, aggregation, and unprecedented comparison of company performance. 

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