Malartu Portfolios is the easiest way to compare, consolidate, or group data from a portfolio of companies.

Once you have enabled Portfolios on your Malartu plan, you can create "connections" that will aggregate specific metrics from connected Malartu accounts.

These metrics can then be aggregated together or compared on any of your Malartu dashboards just as you would work with data from any other source.

Plans with Portfolios enabled will work within the Portfolios tab which has the following sub sections:

Portfolios: Think of these as folders. Creating a new portfolio will organize all the subsequent company connections together. This does not aggregate their underlying data, but just makes it easier to organize a high number of business (ie. West region, portfolio II, etc.)

Manage Connections: Within this tab you can see the connection status of each company (connected = getting all requested data, partial = only some requested data, pending = company has not yet approved connection.) This tab is where you add new company connections to any given portfolio folder.

Consolidate Connections: This tab allows you to create new company groupings, which will aggregate the selected company data so that you can work with consolidated metrics in your dashboard.

Upload Data: Upload data allows you to upload documents of data to the document reader on behalf of connections where that user has admin privileges. This is useful for Malartu portfolios where the entire portfolio is managed by a parent group, such as the general partner at an investment fund.

Set Metrics: The "Set Metrics" tab is where you select which metrics to collect from connected companies. There is no limit to what metrics you would like to collect and these metrics can be specific to each connected company.

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