Facebook Ads: How to connect

To connect your Facebook Ads data, login to your account > Navigate to the workspace you would like to connect Facebook Ads to > Select Data Sources > Integrations

Select the Facebook Ads integration resource then activate Facebook Ads.

Follow the Facebook authentication flow to connect your account

Upon completing the authentication flow you will be met with the data schedules page.

You must select which Facebook Ads account to connect to this workspace. Do this by selecting the dropdown field in the Account section and selecting the ad account related to this workspace.

Once the account is selected, Malartu will automatically pull 30 days of data. If you would like to pull more data, go to the Manual Repull section and select more dates using the date picker.

After a few minutes, your Facebook Ads data will be accessible from any dashboard on any block or metric. 

Need help connecting Facebook Ads? Contact us at support@malartu.co