How does pricing work on Malartu?

Malartu pricing plans are based on the number of connected integrations and the amount of data managed

Malartu organizations are billed based on the number of integrations connected to underlying workspaces.

Integration prices typically range between $49 and $399 per month. You will be notified of all integration pricing and pricing changes from the integration page.

If you connect an integration, the new pricing will be pro-rated and added to your monthly bill. When you disconnect an integration, the same proration and monthly billing change occurs.

This way, teams only pay for what they use on Malartu.

A quick pricing example

If you have an organization with 4 workspaces, each with a live QuickBooks Online integration connected, you will be charged:

4 (QBO connections) X $49/mo (QBO pricing) = $196/mo (Monthly bill)

Enterprise pricing

We provide special enterprise pricing for large organizations that require a high number of integrations or large amounts of data. Examples of organizations that qualify for enterprise pricing are:

  • Franchises
  • Banks
  • Accounting/Bookkeeping Advisors
  • Marketing/Sales Advisors
  • Universities

To inquire about enterprise pricing, contact us at