How to create and edit dropdowns in tables

Dropdowns are a helpful feature within Tables for bringing more subjective analysis into your dashboards. Ultimately, the only reason for dashboards, KPIs, and any analysis done in Malartu is to accomplish strategic goals.

Dropdowns are helpful for tracking progress toward strategic goals, organizing data within tables, and everything in between.

To create a custom dropdown menu and add it to a table, go to your table options, change the display type to Table, and scroll to the bottom of the options menu.

Select the blue text titled "+Add Dropdown"

A popup modal will appear, select "+Add Option" to add the first option within your dropdown. You can add an infinite number of dropdown options and set a corresponding color with each dropdown value.

For example, with our executive team at Malartu we track progress toward our strategic goals with five options:

  • Not Started
  • Off Track
  • Caution
  • On Track
  • Done

So, I would set five different options, use that terminology for their names, and give each a unique color.

Once you have set your options, click save and you will see that dropdown and corresponding options added to your table. Give the row a name, and you're all set.

Copying Dropdowns

Underneath each Drop Down label in your table options you will see formatting options just like you see under metrics, with two exceptions:

  • Clicking the pencil icon: will edit the dropdown options
  • Clicking the copy icon: will copy all dropdown options to a new dropdown row

Use the copy feature to build out the same options for multiple initiatives.

Back to my earlier example, I would copy my progress options four more times and label each row after each of our five strategic initiatives each quarter.