[Video] How to create and share a snapshot

Learn how to create a snapshot and share with users outside of Malartu.

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Snapshots turn any board into a shareable version that essentially freezes the data on the board in that time.

Snapshots are great for both creating a reporting system of record, but also for sharing boards with folks who are not Malartu users.

Creating a Snapshot

Create a snapshot by navigating to any board and selecting the camera icon from the board menu.

Once created, you will see a new menu where you can either:

  • Make the link shareable: enable this to make the snapshot viewable to anyone with the link
  • Delete: delete this snapshot

You can change the name of any snapshot by clicking on the title in the top left corner.

Viewing snapshots

You can view all previously created snapshots by clicking the "paper" icon in the board options menu.

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