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How to setup workspaces for large franchise organizations

Turning data to meaningful insights in large organizations starts with workspaces. This article covers best practices in organizing workspaces for maximum impact.

In large distributed organizations like franchises, there are a few key teams to take into account:

  • Franchise executives: those who assist in marketing and analytics across the entire franchise. Typically operations teams who have broad reach over the entire franchise and franchisees
  • Regional executives: those who manage franchisees in a specific geographic region
  • Franchisees/ownership groups: the owners or one or more franchise locations
  • Location managers: those who run the day-to-day business at each franchise location

Malartu supports analytics for all of these teams through carefully organized workspaces and dashboards. Since permission sets can be set at both the workspace and dashboard level, large organizations can maintain a structure that allows everyone to collaborate over the most important data to their team.

Enterprise organization workspace types

The key difference for Enterprise organizations on Malartu is support for two types of organizations:

  • Base workspaces: These are standard workspaces on Malartu that organize integrations and dashboards.
  • Advisor workspaces: These workspaces can aggregate data from connected base workspaces along with connecting their own individual integrations.

How to leverage enterprise workspace types in a large franchise

As an example, let's take a look at a large US-based franchise with the following attributes:

  • 10-person executive team: from operations, sales, support, and marketing
  • 4 regional director teams: Southeast, Northeast, Southwest, and Northwest
  • 100 franchisee/ownership groups: owners with anywhere from 1 to 15 locations under management
  • 500 franchise location managers: one manager for each individual franchise location

Here is a best practice for organizing this organization's workspaces:

  • 10-person executive team: Set admin permissions at master organization workspace across all dashboards
  • 4 regional director teams: Set admin permissions at master organization workspace with limited dashboard access pertaining to only dashboards covering their region.
  • 100 franchisee/ownership groups: Set admin permissions for Advisor workspaces and boards that have connections to locations owned by the ownership group.
  • 500 franchise location managers: Set admin permissions for boards within individual base workspaces and specific boards in advisor workspace.

Here is a visual representation of how this would be setup in Malartu, including connected integrations:



As you can see, workspaces provide a flexible solution to organizing data within a large enterprise. For more information on how to setup your enterprise with no-code analytics, contact us at support@malartu.co