How we think about pricing

Our pricing at Malartu is based on an account’s complexity and plan. Complexity is defined by two factors:

  1. Metrics: The number of metrics being analyzed in an account. Think of a metric as a line-item on a financial statement. Metrics are our most basic level of data.

  2. Custom Metrics: The number of metrics being calculated. Custom metrics can combine an infinite number of underlying metrics, connected with math or other logic (If/then statements, for example).

The more metrics in an account, the more data being processed. The more calculations being made, the more computing power it takes to deliver an insight.

Our plans are simply based on the number of accounts you’re standing up. You can reference our partner program discounts for more information on that.

To give you a price quote, we'll just need to understand the types of reports you're trying to create and the number of businesses you're building them for.

Our philosophy on pricing

You can't just will your way to success, it takes good management and a full understanding of your business. Having a central hub for your team to track and analyze business performance is essential. Why not bring all of your most important information into one hub where you can make decisions 10X faster? Why not make it as easy as a few clicks? 

Large enterprise level organizations have tools in place to track performance of certain departments. These tools are entirely too expensive for most private companies to deploy across their operation and certainly too expensive for third-parties working with those private companies. We've found an affordable way to bring these solutions to our community of growing companies and business networks.

We believe tracking your group's growth is an investment in and of itself. So we set our pricing at a level that allows us to invest in building a good product, and one that continues to strengthen your team's decision making.