What are organizations and workspaces?

Organizations and workspaces are how teams organize and share data in meaningful ways.

When you sign up for Malartu the first step is to create an organization. Think of an organization as the parent account to anything you create on Malartu. Your organization is where you manage users, workspaces, and all the permissions between them. 

Everything within your account is part of your organization. You can adjust your organization settings by selecting the gear icon in the top right corner and navigating to "Organization Settings:

What are workspaces?

Workspaces are how teams organize data sources, metrics, and dashboards. Your plan on Malartu determines the number of workspaces you are allowed to work with. Essential plans work in a single workspace, while advisor, pro advisor, and enterprise plans can have many workspaces.

Each workspace serves the same purpose: to manage data sources, metrics, and dashboards.

With that said, different workspaces have different capabilities:

  • Base Workspaces simply house data sources and dashboards
  • Summary Workspaces can consume data from other workspaces. These are most frequently used to create consolidations or monitor the performance of multiple underlying businesses.

User management between organizations and workspaces

All users are managed at the organization level. You can manage all users across your organization from your organization settings.

Navigate to the gear icon in the top right corner > Manage Users