What does Malartu mean?

Learn the meaning behind the name Malartu



Yeah, it’s a weird name.

Malartu is Irish Gaelic for “Exchange.”

Malartu embodies everything about our platform: an exchange of insights, exchange of expertise, exchange of value.

We’re different, just like our name, and we’re excited to blaze a new path with you.

We’re not your average analytics platform. Every line of code and every line of copy within our application was written with you, our customer, in mind.

After all, we built Malartu because we were once in your shoes...

We were struggling to understand the performance of companies in our early-stage investment portfolio.  The more we investigated the inconsistencies in reporting the more we understood the root of the problem - creating comprehensive reports on the health and performance of a company takes time. Time away from running the business. Time away from growing the business. Existing solutions interrupt (or in some cases, completely change) the workflow of management teams just to calculate a few KPIs, leaving the tools unattractive to even the best teams. 

We knew there was a better way to collect and share this information in the 21st century and we knew we were the ones to build it.

Fast forward to today and the Malartu platform is an unrivaled solution: A program for teams to connect existing tools and data sources, aggregate important information, easily create reports, and share with stakeholders, teammates, and advisors in whatever format fits their business.

We're building a game-changing product for the modern advisor and her clients with the most forward-thinking, collaborative, intelligent, and fun team in the industry.

We love data, we love technology, and we love our work. 

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