What is VS Prior in table options?

The VS Prior feature in table views is incredibly useful if you hold regular advisory meetings (like monthly meetings). Depending on your increment and display period settings, toggling this feature on will show what the value was for that metric in the previous period and its percent/value change.

Using VS Prior Variance in Tables

When a table is either in Bar, Line, or Table type, you will see an option to toggle "VS Prior."

Additionally, when a table is in "Table" type, you will also see new options under VS Prior to toggle on Variance and Variance %.

  • Variance: Displays the value change between this period and last period
  • Variance %: Displays the percent change between this period and last period.

Understanding VS Prior Logic

VS Prior logic relies on both Display Increment and Period. The increment will be the aggregation value and the display period will be how far back in time you're comparing.

For example, if you are viewing a chart with Display Increment: Monthly and Display Period: YTD, the VS Prior value will be for that month, one year ago.

If the Display Increment is: Weekly and Display Period: Last Month, the VS Prior value will be for that same week, one month before your actual viewing period.

Using this flexibility you can easily compare different periods for metrics that may see changes over shorter or longer periods.