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Why do I see values for monthly increments but not daily or weekly increments in certain metrics?

While all data sources on Malartu support monthly, quarterly, and yearly analysis, many integrations also support daily/weekly analysis. 

Virtually any data source that contains "operational data" can be viewed in daily/weekly increments as well as monthly/quarterly/annually. For example, Stripe, Google Analytics, Shopify, and Square, can all be analyzed daily.

Some financial data sources, especially accounting systems, default to only analyzing monthly increments. 

This is largely because data sources like these are manually updated by a human on a monthly basis. For example, your bookkeeper typically closes your books on a monthly basis. Until close, the data that would import to Malartu may lack integrity. 

For this reason, we default to using a monthly data set to both maintain data integrity and vastly improve the speed of data aggregation from accounting software to your Malartu account.

A result of this process means that some accounts may see "0" values if toggling a display increment of weekly or daily on blocks containing accounting data. All monthly values should be 100% accurate to what is reflected in your books.

Requesting Daily/Weekly Increments in Accounting Data Sources

Accounts that are on our Team and Growth plans can request daily/weekly data pulls to accounting sources. To set this up in your account, please contact us at support@malartu.co