Working with FreshBooks data in Malartu

After you connect FreshBooks with Malartu, here's what to expect

Once you've connected FreshBooks, Malartu will organize your data into a number of reports. You can work with any metric or section of these reports within blocks, custom metrics, or groupings.

Let's take a look at the reports:

  • Aging Accounts: The dollar amount accounts receivable, organized by the following periods:
    • 0-30 Days
    • 31-60 Days
    • 61-90 Days
    • 91+ Days
  • Clients: Both the amount and count of invoices billed to each of your clients
  • Invoice Details: The amount and count from invoices broken down by client and invoice item
  • Payments Collected: The amount and count of payments collected through FreshBooks
  • Profit and Loss: A full breakdown of your profit and loss statement. The P&L in Malartu has a filter for viewing in cash or accrual. Simply select the filter icon for either cash or accrual before selecting your metric.
  • Team: The count of team members within your FreshBooks account

Mix and match these metrics in new blocks or calculations or combine them with metrics from other data sources you've connected to your workspace.

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