How to add a user to an organization, workspace, and board

Learn how to add new users to your organization and dashboards.

Users are primarily organized at the organization level. Within the organization you have the flexibility to limit a user's permission for any workspace or dashboard.

Note: if you use Malartu to advise clients, you will want to share dashboard permissions with your client's Malartu-registered email so that they can view that boards within their own organization. Skip here to learn how.

To add a new user to your organization:

Navigate to the top workspace in your organization, select Admin > Team

To add a new user to your organization, select "Add Member" in the top right corner

Enter the new user's email and select your organization name. After selecting the workspace, all workspaces and subsequent dashboards will appear.

Select each workspace you want this user to have access to and the subsequent dashboards you want them to view or collaborate on.

Additionally, toggle user permissions between read, write, and admin for each workspace and dashboard as necessary.

When you have your settings configured, select "invite" and your invitation will be sent.


Editing permissions of existing users

From the team page of your organization, if you select the name of a user, you will launch a permission modal. Adjust the permissions of this user as you wish, then click out of the modal to update. These can be updated by any admin.

Adding a user to a dashboard

After you build a new board, you may want to add one of your users to it for viewing or collaboration. 

Important note: You can share a dashboard with *any user* on Malartu. If the user is within your organization, the board will appear in their "boards" menu. If they are outside of your organization, the board will appear in their "Shared with me" section.

To share a board with a user: Select the share icon in the board options.

From the share modal, type in the email of the user you want to share this board with. If the user exists, they will appear in the search modal.

Select the user from the search modal, then select "add member"

Now the user can view the board. Toggle their permissions depending on the use case.

Sharing work with clients on Malartu

If you are an advisor using Malartu to advise clients, best practice will be to invite your clients to create their Malartu organization, share a data source with you, then share boards you create with that data source.

Learn how to get started for advisors:

Invite a client to Malartu

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