[Video] How to add a user to an account and board

Learn how to add new users to your account and dashboards.

How to add a new user


Add new team members to your account by navigating to your admin section and selecting Team.

To add a new user to your account(s):

Click "+Invite" in the top left of the team window to launch the invite page.

Enter the new user's email, then select the accounts you'd like them to have access to.

On each account you select, you can also adjust the permissions for each user.

As you select new accounts, the dashboards that you have access to will also appear.

Select each dashboard you would like this user to view upon signing up.

When you're finished selecting accounts and boards, select "invite" and the user invite will be sent.

Editing permissions of existing users

From the team page of your account, if you select the name of a user, you will launch a permission modal. Adjust the permissions of this user as you wish, then click out of the modal to update.

Adding a user to a board

After you build a new board, you may want to add one of your users to it for viewing or collaboration. 

From any board, select the team icon in the board options.

First search for your teammate by selecting "Add Malartu User" and typing in their email address. If they have created their Malartu account, they will appear here. Select their name and adjust their permissions as you see fit. 

If your teammate has not yet created a Malartu account, you will need to invite them as a new user, following the instructions we previously described.

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