[Video] How to connect an integration

Learn how to connect your data to Malartu.

How to connect an integration


To connect an integration, select data sources, then integrations.

From this view you will see a list of available integrations as well as those that are coming soon. 

Select the integration you'd like to connect and follow the authentication process.

Data Schedules

Once the integration is connected successfully you will notice a few options from the integration page.

  • Data Schedule
  • Manual Repull
  • Data Pulls

A data schedule is the definition of when Malartu pulls new data from your connected data source. 

For accounting data like QuickBooks and Xero, you can adjust these schedules to refresh months of data automatically. 

For example, you may want to set QuickBooks Online to pull 45 days of data on the 15th of every month, since you know your books are closed on the 14th of every month. 

How to set a data schedule

For example, to set your schedule to repull 45 days of data on the 15th of each month, select 'Data Schedule' from the data source page. 

Toggle the timeframe to "monthly" if it is not already, and select the number of months you'd like to refresh on which date.

And that's it! Now your data will refresh in the increment you've set. 

Manual repull

Sometimes you make a change in your data source and want to see that change reflected in your boards. 

Select "Manual Repull" and select the number of days/months (from today) you'd like to repull. 


Select "Or pick by dates" and select the date range you'd like to refresh.

Once you have made your choice, select "Submit" and your data will begin updating.

Pro Tip: This feature is especially useful when you make a correction in your books that may have occurred in the distant past. This way, you can just refresh a select few days/months and not have to wait hours for 4 years of data to refresh. 

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