What does it mean if "metrics were not found" after building my template?

Some templates will build even if preset metrics were not found. Here's why:

Think of templates as instructions to build a dashboard. These instructions are set by the template author. In some cases, the template author may be working with data that does not exist in your data source. When this happens, you will be met with a message like:

"Just so you know, the following metrics were not found: *metric 1*, *metric 2*, etc."

There are many reasons this may be true, here are a few of the most popular:

  • The metric doesn't exist in your business. For example, to calculate Gross Profit, the equation may be "Revenue less Cost of Goods Sold." If you are a software business, you may not have Cost of Goods Sold. In this case, Gross Profit will calculate correctly but the template will warn you that it did not find Cost of Goods Sold in your data set.
  • The metric has a different name in your database. While there are systems built within templates to handle closely related names of metrics, in some cases your metric may be named something entirely different in your data base, and subsequently Malartu could not find it. In this case, best practice would be to edit the custom metrics built by the template, replacing the missing metric with the correct one. 

To learn more about editing custom metrics, visit this article.